Kura Organics Baby Travel Blanket

As an environmentally and ethically conscious brand we know why we love GOTS certified organic cotton but why choose organic cotton for your baby? What are the main benefits? In this blog, we highlight the top 5 reasons why Organic Cotton is best for your baby.

1. Organic cotton is gentler and kinder to baby's skin
As organic cotton always keeps its natural state, it is much better for baby's skin as the material is soft and free from chemicals. There is also less of a chance of your child developing skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and skin allergies.

2. Organic cotton is exceptionally soft and more comfortable for your baby
Rather than coarse and stratchy chemical induced fabrics which can cause itching and discomfort for your baby, organic cotton is naturally a very soft fibre helping to keep your baby comfortable and content. 

3. Organic cotton is breathable and help baby to naturally regulate their temperature
Unlike synthetic fabrics and due to its natural properties, organic cotton is breathable and helps baby to naturally regulate their temperature which in turn prevents them from overheating.

4. Organic cotton lasts longer due to it's resilient fibres and superior qualities
Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton lasts longer because organic cotton’s resilient fibres have not been damaged by chemicals during the growing and weaving process. It means that organic cotton products will last for years no matter how many times you wash it or how much it is used.

5. Organic cotton is free from toxic chemicals and much safer for baby to sleep in
Baby's skin is 5 times thinner, more absorbent and more sensitive than adult skin so it is important for them to wear and sleep in fabrics that are chemical free. By choosing organic cotton you can ensure that baby’s skin doesn't absorb toxic chemicals or develop skin irritations and allergies. The absence of chemical residues also ensures baby doesn't inhale anything toxic.


If you’re looking for a baby travel blanket that is not only safe and stylish but soft, breathable and made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, have a look at our KURA Organic Baby Wrap. Available in 8 designs, it is the perfect solution to keeping your baby warm and comfortable whilst travelling.

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