Our ergonomic design makes getting from A to B as stress free as possible, in turn making parenting easier. See our easy to follow step by step guide below. 

what is the Kura Organic baby wrap
Place your Kura Organic Baby Wrap in the car seat or pushchair and pull the straps through the holes. For 5 point harnesses, undo the velcro fastening and pull the straps through then re-secure the velcro.
Kura wrap how it works step one
Place baby in the car seat or pushchair and strap them in securely following the car seat/pushchair manufacturer instructions. The harness must sit directly on baby's chest to ensure that there is zero interference with the car seat safety.
Kura Organics how to use step two
Baby can be kept warm by folding the wrap over.
Kura Organics how to use step three
Fold the front of the wrap over and fasten using the poppers. Baby can be removed or kept cool by releasing the poppers and opening the wrap.
Kura Organics how to use step four
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