Kura Organics Baby Travel Blanket
Here at Kura we care about the beautiful planet that we live on and to celebrate “Organic September” month we want to give you an insight to organic cotton and why we chose to use it for our products. As an environmentally and ethically conscious brand we design every product with sustainability in mind, including the materials that our signature baby wrap is made from. Below are 5 things you should know about the organic cotton used to make the Kura baby wrap:

  1. Our cotton is GOTS CertifiedBoth the knitted outer fabric and interlock jersey lining is produced using 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified, GOTS being the Global Organic Textile Standard. This means that the organic cotton used to make our wraps has met strict environmental checks. It is important to point out that legally, organic cotton doesn’t have to be certified to be considered “organic”. This sometimes means that when a textile product is referred to as being “organic”, it could be that only a certain percentage of the fibres are organic, or all the fibres are organic but were processed and dyed using toxic chemicals banned by the standard. As you can imagine this can lead to confusion surrounding whether the organic product you are buying is actually ethically and environmentally sound. By choosing to buy GOTS certified organic cotton you can rest assured that every phase of the supply chain has met stringent environmental standards meaning the fabric is free from Genetically Modified seeds, free from residue associated with poisonous fertilisers and pesticides and free from toxic chemicals that are often used in dyes and washing processes.

  1. Our organic cotton is safer for skin, humans and the environment: Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, both of which are dangerous to human health and destructive to the environment. As well as polluting waterways and killing species, it is reported that up to 77 million cotton workers suffer from the effects of pesticide poisoning each year. This can result in anything from irritated skin, rashes and dizziness to cancer, miscarriages and death (source: Soil Association)

  1. Our organic cotton is super softDue to the processes of farming the crop, organic cotton fabrics are softer and more durable than conventional cotton fabrics. Organic cotton is hand picked which is far less damaging than machine picking, resulting in purer and longer cotton fibers and subsequently a softer hand feel to the fabric. By using organic cotton fabrics for the Kura baby wrap we are ensuring the softest surface against your baby’s delicate skin. 

  1. Our organic cotton is breathable: Babies, especially newborns struggle to regulate their own body temperature therefore as parents we need to give them a helping hand. Being a natural fibre one of the properties of (even non-organic!) cotton is that it is breathable. Cotton fibres absorb moisture rather than repel it like synthetic fibres and they allow air flow to dry out any dampness. Free from toxins and nasty chemicals, the longer, stronger staple-fibres of organic cotton enhance the fabric’s breathability further. 

  1. Our organic cotton gives power to the supply chain: The organic cotton used to make our wraps comes from farms that have strict regulations in place that ensures fair treatment of farmers and labourers. By ensuring the crops are free from Genetically Modified seeds the farmers are paid a better price for their crop as they are not competing agains large GM companies. As a result poverty within farming communities is reduced leading way to fairer wages, safer working conditions and protection against child labour. At Kura we cherish the relationship we have with our suppliers and want to ensure as ethical a working environment as possible throughout all phases of our supply chain.
If you’re looking for a baby travel blanket that is not only stylish but soft, breathable and made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, have a look at our KURA Organic Baby Wrap. Available in 3 colours, it is the perfect solution to keeping your baby warm and comfortable whilst travelling.