The risks of babies wearing coats and bulky layers in car seats

As parents it is our priority to keep our children safe and protected and car seat safety is high on the list. As a general rule, it is not considered safe to dress our children in bulky layers, such as snowsuits or padded coats underneath the harness of their car seat. The thickness of the clothing obstructs the straps and prevents the car seat harness from fitting snugly. During a collision, the padded fabric immediately flattens out, creating a gap between the harness and the body. This results in a harness that allows the child’s body to move too much before being restrained, therefore preventing it from working effectively. Terrifying as it may sound, if a harness is too loose, a child may be completely ejected from their car seat during a crash or upon slamming on of the brakes. A very, very scary thought for any parent!

So what should we use to keep baby warm in their car seat? Here at Kura we have come up with the perfect solution!

Our 100% organic car seat blanket has a clever opening in the back, allowing you to place it inside the car seat and pass either a 3-point or 5-point harness through. You can then securely fasten baby into their harness (according to the manufacturer's instructions) and wrap our blanket around to keep baby warm and snug. The easy-to-use popper fastening prevents baby from kicking the blanket open, but is equally as quick to unfasten should you need to remove baby from the car seat quickly. Made from 100% organic cotton our car seat blankets are breathable; naturally regulating baby’s body temperature, however should baby need to be cooled down further then the blanket can be easily opened and left undone. Our car seat blankets are one of only a few on the market that have been safety crash tested based on the same type of testing performed for UN Regulation 129, giving parents ultimate piece of mind. And to top all that, our beautiful knitted design with printed lining means your baby will look super stylish when travelling out and about!

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Emily A. Thomas, Ph.D. Consumer Reports | American Academy of Pediatrics