Yorkshire mothers launch start-up to keep babies snug on car journeys




A Yorkshire-based baby accessories startup, Kura Organics, has launched a sustainably designed car seat wrap for babies.

The entrepreneurs behind The Wrap say it is a fashionable, practical alternative to a blanket or coat, offering a more comfortable and convenient way of keeping babies warm and snug when travelling.

The company was formed after mothers Amy Duffy and Kerry Greenwood, from Hillam near Leeds, found that ensuring their babies were a safe temperature when travelling was more difficult than they imagined.

A spokesman for Kura said: “They understood the safety aspects in babies wearing coats and worried that blankets could easily fall off, or even end up over the baby’s head. This led them to realise that there was a gap in the market for something cosy, stylish and practical for parents to nestle their little ones in when on the move.

“They enlisted Amy’s cousin Victoria Oakley, who has extensive experience in childrens' wear design, and together they have brought the ideal solution to life.”

The Kura Organics wrap is made from the softest GOTS certified organic cotton, which was selected because it has a lower environmental impact.

It is designed with OEKO-TEX standard, non-toxic and baby-safe inks to make sure it is safe for delicate newborn skin. It is also functionally compatible with three and five point car seats and travel systems.

Victoria Oakley, the product designer at Kura Organics, said: “We chose to name the brand Kura as it means ‘snuggle’ in Icelandic - which describes our wraps perfectly. We see them as a modern, stylish version of a comfort blanket; an accessory that is always there to keep your little ones warm and cosy.

“We have used a combination of our professional and life experiences to create what we believe will become an essential product for new parents. Amy and Kerry both use Kura wraps with their babies too - which goes to show how much we believe in our product.

Using organic cotton was really important for us, because we wanted our product to be produced with as little effect to the environment as possible.”

SOURCE: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/business/yorkshire-mothers-launch-start-up-to-keep-babies-snug-on-car-journeys-1-9946392