Parent Review: KURA Organic Baby Wrap

12th November, 2019

Kura Organics Wrap Baby Travel Blanket Review

Big warm coats and snowsuits are a huge no for use in a car seat, so how do you keep your baby comfortable and cosy when travelling? Mum-of-two Ellie has been trying out this brand-new Organic Baby Wrap from KURA Organics with 2-month-old Jack...

With our new baby being born in August, I hadn't really thought about how to keep him warm in his car seat, but the weather has changed so quickly! Luckily, we were given the opportunity to test and review this gorgeous baby wrap from Kura Organics, and I can honestly say I wouldn't want to be without it now! We are so pleased with this product and have received so many compliments on how nice it looks.

First impressions


The simple brown, cardboard packaging continues the organic theme, whilst the window offers a sneak peek of the luxury knitted material. When I first got it out of the box, I noticed the weight of it - although it doesn't feel as thick as padded snowsuit material, you can tell that it is going to be warm from the heavy weight of it. It also feels so soft to touch, which is obviously an important feature of any baby blanket! And of course, it looks beautiful. The stripy knitted design in lovely muted colours is stylish and timeless. And the big brown wooden buttons, which are actually press-studs, are the perfect finishing touch.


Using the baby wrap

The baby wrap may look like it's just a pretty baby blanket, but it's so much more than that. When you unfold the blanket you find perfectly placed holes to fit the harness of any car seat or pushchair. This means that, unlike a standard blanket, it can completely wrap all the way around your baby, keeping them snuggly and warm, whilst they are safely strapped into their car seat. As a new mum, we have so many things to think (and worry!) about when it comes to looking after our babies - including making sure they are warm enough, but not too warm, and safe and secure in their car seat. As we know, it is not safe to use big padded snowsuits or coats in car seats as the straps cannot be pulled tight enough. This baby wrap avoids this problem as the straps are secured underneath the top layer. It's also convenient if, like me, you like to have the heating on high in your car and it gets a bit warm, you can simply undo the poppers and leave the wrap open.


On one of the first occasions we used the baby wrap, my little one had a poo explosion (an all-the-way-up-his-back kind of explosion!), which did unfortunately go all over his lovely new baby wrap, the lining of which is white. However this did mean the blanket acted as a liner, saving his actual car seat from getting dirty, and also gave me the opportunity to test out how well it washed. I'm happy to say there were no lasting poo stains and the wrap kept its colour and softness.

The baby wrap has also been designed to fit in pushchairs, although I think if I decided to use it in the pushchair as well as the car seat I would want to get a second wrap, as I find it's most useful when kept in the seat at all times. On a few occasions, I have thought that my baby looked so cosy in the wrap that I actually managed to transfer him to his pram, whilst still snuggled up in it. However it's not as easy to put baby back into the car seat without taking him out of the wrap. So I'd definitely say it's best to keep in the car seat at all times.

The baby wrap is supposed to fit 0-6 months. My baby is only 2 months currently and is quite a big boy, so I'm not completely sure if it will still be long enough at 6 months but we will have to wait and see!

Overall I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to keep their baby warm, safe and stylish in their car seat or pushchair. We are definitely very happy with it and I think our little one is too!